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News from 19 August 2005:
Classport new update

News from 4 June 2005:
Classport 1.1 is available

News from 22 December 2004:
New English website

News from 17 December 2004:
Choose the Classport design

News from 7 December 2004:
Classport update

Professional and personnalised analysis available for consultation every day quickly!

Classhand is a complete ranking and statistics software which can interessed fans and professional from handball world.
These various fonctionnalities will make it possible, for every one, to follow as well as possible its handball championships.

Classhand for the fans
The fans will have the possibility, amongst other things, of consulting:
  • Various tables on the teams (overall, home, away, Offense, Defense...) on the players (Top scorers, best shot accuracy, best assists...) and also on goalkeepers (best shoot or penaltys block percentage...)
  • Detailed results on each round: scores, shoot statistics (play shoots and penaltys) and games statistics (assists, turnovers, steals, fouls) for each player, referees, attendances...
  • Many statistics on a round or on a championship: actual or best streaks, leader after each round, top scorers by team, actual form for each team...
  • Detailed information on players, teams, stadiums, managers and referees
And that's not all!!! You can update directly in the application the results of French Division 1 and 2, from server data which is actualised every day.

Classhand for the punters
The punters will have more chance to win by consulting the statistics of the software (results prediction on next games, comparative card between two opponents, the actual streaks...) which will help them to optimize their bets.

Classhand for the clubs
The clubs will be able, as for them, to follow their various teams engaged in the cups and regional or national championships, with the functions conceived for them, such as:
  • The creation of a personalized championship or cup, which can be completely customized (number of point for win, draw or loss, number of players and substitutes by team, number of promoted and relegated teams, definition ot ranking criteria...)
  • The management of the various age (-18 years old, -16 years old...) and level (First team, reserve...) categories for a same team, with the possibility of changing the player category during or at the end of the season. Clubs can also filter his players depending on a specific category.
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